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Several Qi Liuhai wig hairstyles

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Here are a few Qi Liuhai wig hairstyles for everyone, simple and stylish, sweet and tender, like the girl who likes this wig, let's take a look at it, the models are beautiful.

A black perm design looks simple and natural, and it looks quite refreshing. Qi Liu's design also achieves the effect of repairing the face, which is very beautiful.

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The medium-length hair design of the inner volume, with Qi Liuhai, highlights the small face, sweet and smart, brown-yellow hair dye is also very stylish, very eye-catching.

The long hair of the micro-volume is scattered casually, with the light bangs, the face is tender, the goddess is full, and the brown hair dye is also pretty and pretty, very beautiful.

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The micro-volume medium-length hair design, matched with Qi Liuhai, repairs the age, easily enhances the overall temperament, dark hair also adds a bit of fashion sense.

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The simple long hair is scattered casually, with bright brown hair dyeing, pretty fashion, sweet and full, Qi Liuhai's design also achieves the effect of repairing the face, very beautiful.

Fluffy perm hairstyle, with a slightly slanted Qi Liuhai, to create a small face, looks quite sweet, brown hair is also very stylish.