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    Popular hair color is updated

    What color is good for dyeing hair? Regarding this question, the standard answer may not know how many times it has been updated. Since it is only for good looks, pick one from the following paragraphs. Good-looking Japanese hair color sharing, texture and temperament, all year round. Can you dye, there is always one that is your dish?

  • Fashion hair color

    Fallen short hair

    Short hair, regardless of the large or small area of ​​cool color distribution, is fresh and natural!

    The designer specializes in foggy gray and purple, and there is no purple too saturated color, but instead embellishes the shiny beauty of the starting type!

    Very short bangs with inner bends, seemingly conflicting with personality and sweetness, but bring out a more distinctive girl style.

    The misty champagne color, with the color of orange powder, is super beautiful!

    Temperament in the temperament

    The combination of slight purple and beige makes the hairstyle no longer monotonous and the layering is increased.

    If you add a hand-rolled pair, it will be more Japanese!

    Dyed in this color, immediately turned into a transparent girl.

    Smoked marble color, low-key calm and foggy color, super texture!

    Romantic long curly hair

    The mix of romantic long curly hair and some brown-gray tones adds a sense of European and American style to the hair style!

    The Japanese highlights make the hair color change with light and shadow in the casual hair.

    The long curly hair of the matte earth color makes the hair look clear and beautiful, so feminine!

    If you are a low-key girl, you can consider a small color mixing area, or use a color that is not so heavy in cold tones.

  • 2018 hottest net red hair color

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    Golden system

    The white-skinned girl is very suitable for the color of the golden color. It is suitable for both the light gold and the deep gold. However, it is recommended that the white-skinned girl dyes the light gold color and looks more advanced and looks Also more "high cold."


    The golden hair color is suitable for long-haired girls and short-haired girls. Long hair girls dyed gold color hair color will look more feminine and more temperament. Short-haired girls dyed the color of the golden color, it looks more European-American, handsome and sexy.


    The golden hair color is especially suitable for European and American makeup or fresh makeup.

    The dark gold color does not need to be floated, but the light gold color is bleached.

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    Haze gray

    The smog gray is also known as the "smoke gray". It is a hair color that looks very special and special. Of course, this hair color needs to be floated, and it can be colored after drifting.

    Girls who usually wear European style and handsome style in dressing and makeup will definitely like the color of the smoky gray.


    The color of the smoky gray is also often seen in some big shows, fashion weeks, and the special hair color of fashion. Wherever you go, you are the focus.


    The color of the smoky gray color has no requirement for the skin color, and the white skin and the yellow skin girl are suitable. However, it is recommended that you paint your smoky gray hair. Su Yan's face is matched with the smoky gray hair color. It really doesn't take it!

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    brown hair

    The brown color is probably the most everyday hair color. Suitable for office workers is also suitable for the student party. Suitable for white skin is also suitable for yellow skin, suitable for straight hair and curly hair, suitable for long hair and short hair. In short, it is a hair color that does not touch the thunder, and the brown hair color is an absolute safe color.


    Many girls will choose brown hair color for the first time, reddish brown, yellow brown, linen brown, each of which is good-looking and temperamental.


    Dark brown is more suitable for straight hair girls, light brown is more suitable for curly girls. Brown hair color does not need to float, and it is also the most difficult to fade a hair color, quite quite everyday, if you do not know what color hair color, you may wish to try this hair color.

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