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Korean wig straight hair with a variety of shapes

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Many wigs in Korea look very beautiful. The appearance of wigs brings fashion to the girls. At the same time, the girls think that wearing them is natural and beautiful. This is the most critical issue!

The thin air bangs is a feature of the Korean hair style. It reveals a little aura in the looming, a sweet wig long hair style, simple and generous. The inner buckle of the hairtail outlines the chic temperament, which is simple and generous.

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The sweet air bangs create a chic temperament side, the supple long straight hair is simple and generous, and the trimmed hair ends are outlined with a chic temperament.

The thick and sleek flat bangs wig hairstyle outlines the chic temperament, the shape is simple and generous, the supple long straight hair and the circular arc bangs form a very cute one, showing the little girl's petite and cute.

The supple long-haired straight hair wig hairstyle outlines the female's intellectuality and elegance, and the bangs are more temperament and personality. The natural hair color is matched with the ke hair of the end of the tail.

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Personality highlights with a stylish and attractive long straight hair style, very temperament, if you are a fashionista, don't miss it.

The cute mid-length hair style hair tail buckle is very sweet, the shape is soft and individual, and the flushing bangs with the hat is very eye-catching, highlighting the ingenuity of the little girl.