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girls' latest street beat collection hairstyle

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The weather is getting colder in the blink of an eye. Have you already felt that winter is coming? Seasonal hair styles have to be changed a bit. The latest Korean girls’ street style collections come together to see what hairstyles they are leaving.

If you want to be shorter, you can try this kind of wave head. The short bangs and the short hair design on the eyebrows are slightly different, which makes you stand out in the crowd.

Another highlight of this year's popular hair style is the variety of eye-catching hair color, especially the light-colored bleaching dyeing system represented by gold. It is also the new favorite of the hipsters, whether it is short hair or long hair, dyed into gold and instantly becomes fashionable.

Fluffy mid-length hair is also an essential haircut in winter, fluffy big curls + sweater + baseball cap, stylish and vibrant.

Fashionable short curly hair, short neck hair, short hair, hair into a small volume is more elegant, fluffy perm design seconds change palm face.

The long-haired shawl sister tries this dark brown, with the most fashionable khaki in winter.

Simple and skillful short hair, short straight hair wave head refreshing feeling is suitable for Yu sister Fan's sister, slim and temperament.

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